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LariatIP LLC has purchased Cochran Consulting's Intellectual Property Division assets after Mr. Michael Cochran passed away in December 2018. We would like to continue Cochran Consulting's legacy of quality analysis, accurate reporting, and high value contributions to our clients.

Please visit us at

New Telephone: (469) 277-1832

New Address:
LariatIP LLC
1725 Analog Dr.
Richardson, TX 75081

"Where Analog Meets Digital"

Cochran Consulting Inc.'s Intellectual Property Division (IPD) provides a full spectrum of in-house consulting services including:

  • Analysis and reverse engineering of semiconductor circuits and devices, semiconductor manufacturing processes, hardware systems, software, and other electrical systems
  • Technical analysis of patents including world-wide patent searches of relevant technical literature, claim analysis, and claim chart preparation
  • Equipment teardowns and detailed technical reports with claim chart analysis
IPD has a proven track record in excess of 700 cases with over $1B net for our clients. Over 300 technical reports written for our clients.

The Intellectual Property Division is one of the three Cochran Consulting, Inc.'s divisions. For information on the Undersea Technology Division or the Fire and Security Division please visit the links on this page.

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